Why There Is A Love-Hate Relationship With Online Classes

We live in a world in which technology has become part of our everyday lives. Now, since we can easily go online, online schooling has become extremely popular. Even people who are going to college in a traditional fashion take online classes, too.

I graduated from a virtual high school back in 2014 and am currently attending an online college.

Even though I’ve been in virtual schooling for years, I have a love-hate relationship with online classes.

I love online schooling because you can learn from the comfort of your own home. You never have to go anywhere to get your education… and you can always curl up on your couch, go to school in your favorite pajamas, and drink hot cocoa while you work.

I also love how online classes give you schedule flexibility, which is extremely important for some people. For example, I have a condition that makes it difficult to sit in a classroom for long periods of time. My flexible schedule allows me to go to school, study, and go to physical therapy and aqua therapy. With online classes, I can educate myself, despite my limitations.

Another thing I love about going to school online is meeting people from around the world and learning about their cultures. When I was in an online high school, I met a young man who had moved from England to the United States. I loved studying with him and learning about England!

One of my least favorite parts of online schooling is how easy it is to lose your focus.

Especially if paying attention isn’t your strong suit, you can become easily distracted throughout the day, which can affect your grades. For example, the week before a final exam , I discovered the TV show “Breaking Bad.” I become hooked on the show, stopped studying, and barely passed the test with a ”C,” even though I could have done better.

Another thing I dislike about online school is when you’re trying to submit an assignment that’s due, but the school site is down for maintenance. Your teacher may take points off your assignment because you submitted it “late,” even though you finished it on time. Talk about an anxiety attack!

Even though it has its downsides, online schooling works for me. I can study from home (or anywhere else I’d like!) and hit up my therapy and doctor’s appointments. As a college student with unique physical needs, I’m thankful that online classes provide me the opportunity to receive an education… as long as I pay attention.

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