9 Lessons My Uncle Taught Me About Autism

Growing up, I wasn’t the only person in my family with a disability. I have an uncle who has Asperger syndrome, and over the years he has taught many lessons about how to overcome challenges in my way. 1. Nothing…

Why Come as you are is a must-see Flim

I recently viewed “Come As You Are” directed by Richard Wong and screenplay written by Erik Linthorst. The starring actors included Gabourey Sidibe C. S. Lee, Hayden Szeto, Grant Rosenmeyer and last but least Ravi Patel. This film was inspired…

” I am me ”

I recently wrote I am me to describe the way I want others to look at me as a woman with Cerebral Palsy: I am just me a woman who loves life, although I use a chair as my legs…

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