Why Facebook Will Always Be My Favorite Social Media Platform

Social media platforms have exploded in the last decade. Many of us have reached a point where social media is just a part of our everyday lives. People use social media to do everything, from communicating with friends family to catching up on the latest news.

I have been using social media since I was 10 years old. My parents, who work in the network marketing industry, thought building a presence on social media would be a great idea. They encouraged me to build a brand, business, or name for myself when I grew up.

My first social media profile was on Myspace. Although I joined while it was hot and popping, I jumped ship as a teen. After my Myspace days were over, I started using a social media platform called The N.com. I loved hiding my true identity on the site and pretending I was completely different.

The N.com stopped running its social media platform after a couple of years, so I began the hunt for a new online hangout. I was in the seventh grade, and all of my classmates were talking about this new site called Facebook. Everyone called it “the new Myspace,” so after thinking it over, I decided to join the Facebook world.


One of my favorite parts of using Facebook is connecting with people around the world.

People have created pages and groups for nearly any interest or condition you can imagine, meaning that you can instantly find other people who are just like you. The world can be a lonely place at times, but with Facebook I can easily find a support or interest group and talk with people who are the in same boat as me. Through Facebook, I’ve discovered so many people in the world who truly understand my experiences.

Facebook also allows me to stay in the loop with far-away family members’ lives.

For example, I have family in Puerto Rico, and without Facebook I would rarely get to see them. Now, all I have to do to see their lovely faces is scroll through my news feed. I miss my family all the time, but thanks to Facebook, the heartache isn’t nearly as bad as it could be.

I love that Facebook has given me a voice.

With Facebook, I have a place to speak out regarding issues that matter to me and share my views with all of my connections. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve become more self-confident.

Another part of Facebook that I love is looking back.

Thanks to Facebook Memories, I can see what I was up to at any point in time and see how I’ve grown as a person. It’s fun to reminisce on years past and who I was as an individual.

I’m extremely thankful for all that Facebook has given me. Facebook provides me with so many opportunities every day. I firmly believe that Facebook is the best social media platform available today because of the connection it brings. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve met so many people, and I’ve even found myself along the way.

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