Why My First Time Drinking Red Bull Was Also My Last

At least once in our lives, we have tasted a drink that we disliked so strongly that we told ourselves we would never try it again. For me, that terrible drink is Red Bull.

When I was younger, I was excited to try Red Bull because I had heard so many wonderful things about the popular energy drink. My friends always raved about how it kept them energized forever and how amazing they felt after cracking open a Red Bull and downing the whole thing.

One day, I finally caved into my friends’ begging and finally decided to give Red Bull a shot.

After a hot day of volunteering at the fire station, I started to feel extremely dehydrated. So, to quench my thirst, I stopped at a nearby 7-Eleven and bought myself a Red Bull.

I was excited to try the drink everyone was obsessed with and feel the energy my friends couldn’t stop talking about. It was so hot that day that, as I sweated under the sun, I popped open the can and gulped down the Red Bull in one shot.

All of sudden, my body started to shake like one of those vibrating restaurant pagers. My eyes started to lose focus, and my vision began to blur. I wondered what the heck I did to my body. I hoped that once I got home, I could at least sleep my jitters off. Once I finally made it home, I tried to relax and watch some TV, but my body felt so energized that I couldn’t stop shaking. All I could do was laugh uncontrollably for hours.

I couldn’t stop thinking, “This feels terrible… I will never, ever drink Red Bull again.”

If you want to try a popular drink that has everyone talking, be careful. Don’t be too eager to “treat” yourself to something you may not even like just to follow the status quo. Energy drinks have different effects on different people, so before you open that first can, make sure you really want to try… and always check the side effects.

Feature Image by Jairph on Unsplash

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