Why I’m thankful for my wheelchair

At the age of five is when I received my first ever manual wheelchair.

I remember the day like it was yesterday sitting in my stroller feeling anxious to finally start my journey as a
wheelchair user as I saw my Quickie brand wheelchair with pink colored footrest handles and I remember
getting in my wheelchair for the first time and thinking to myself here comes a new adventure for me and my wheelchair I know this my thoughts as 5-year-old with spastic Cerebral palsy even than I was ready to leave my mark on the world with my wheelchair and my story!
And I’m so thankful for my wheelchair because it taught me a very valuable lesson I probably wouldn’t have learned if I wasn’t a wheelchair user which is everyone has a story and we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearances because humans are humans with different abilities so we shouldn’t judge others based on what people on what’s on the outside looking in.

Being a wheelchair user has taught me to use the world from a different point of view and that’s why I’m thankful for my wheelchair but also being in a wheelchair has given the opportunity to have mobility and to see the world without a single worry in the world.

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