To the teacher of a student with Cerebral Palsy

Dear Teacher,

I know you’re probably full of butterflies and nerves after finding out you will have a student in your class with Cerebral palsy.

But don’t worry you got this and you are about to go on an adventure full of many rewarding moments as you will be a part of milestones being reached by your student as the school year comes to play.

And I know it’s gonna be hard trying to figure out how to navigate having a student with Cerebral palsy and trying to find ways to include them in adaptive learning in a mainstream classroom with 30 plus students but I have the confidences that you’ll be able to find a situation,

After all, you were chosen to be the student’s teacher for a reason because people believe that you would be more than capable to teach your new student to the best of your abilities.

So don’t you worry about a thing in along the way you’ll be able to guide each other on a remarkable adventure where you will be delighted each and every day that you walked in your class and see your student ready to learn and explore new ways to learn as you’re going to learn along the way to but don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities and ways to help others learn to and inspire people to always be open to teaching no matter what disability the person has or struggles.

And it’s OK to have bad days where you’re frustrated and you’re doubting your ability to teach but remember it’s just one bad day it doesn’t define what you can or achieve with your student.

If there’s any advice I could give you is it’s very important for you to have patience and a close eye for
what the student’s needs and struggles are so that you can help them along the way since that’s what we need in order to be successful in a mainstream classroom.

Having a support system is something that will guide the student with Cerebral palsy throughout the rest of their time in the classroom but not just in the classroom but in the Community, trust me it will come along the way in the student’s life and it will leave a fingerprint.

So just enjoy the ride and continue being the best teacher that you could be and it’ll all be OK best of luck to you this year

With love from a former student with Cerebral palsy.

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