Why I’m Thankful for my Cerebral Palsy

I was first diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two years old, after weighing 2 lbs. 3 oz at birth.

But I never allowed my Cerebral Palsy to define me or my abilities to achieve anything I set my mind to and to be honest I’m extremely thankful for my Cerebral Palsy.

I know that may sound odd for most people and most people would assume that I would prefer to be in a different body because of the constant struggles I face with my condition and being labeled as a woman with
Cerebral palsy for the rest of my life people assumes that I live a difficult life full of doctor appointments and multiple visits to hospitals over the years when truth to be told I live a life full of adventures with many more to come as the chapters continue in my life that why I’m thankful for my Cerebral palsy because of the adventures it has allowed me to go on and have if it weren’t for Cerebral palsy I think my life would be like Warheads sour blend and most of all boring and as typical as everyone else and I don’t think I would’ve had the strength I do have to overcome my challenges and obstacles and handle living in a world that wasn’t made for people like me but that’s another reason why I’m thankful for my Cerebral palsy because it taught me how to adapt to the world and have more patience with the world and how it works all together in some aspects of life.
Another reason why I am thankful for my disability is that it has connected me with some of the greatest people that I probably would have met if wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for my journey and my diagnosis of Cerebral palsy.

I am also thankful for my disability because it has given me the most beautiful set of scars that have allowed me to tell the story of my testimony my journey and the true meaning of living your life to the best of your ability despite the obstacles that come my way in life my disability has given me the taught me how to love me myself flaws and all its also showed me how to expect the things that make me stand out like my sore thumb.

Overall I am extremely thankful for my cerebral palsy and what’s it given me the gift of strength a unique version of the book of life and some of all a message to spread which is despite the obstacle we face we have to keep on Stomping



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