To Medical workers working with someone with Cerebral Palsy

Dear Medical worker,  


I know it could be nerve-racking working with someone like me especially if this is all brand new and you’ve never met someone like me. 


But don’t worry I do not doubt in my mind that you can’t navigate through ways to treat me like any other patient that you come across while working in the medical field.  


Just be patient and take it step by step and don’t get frustrated if you can’t figure it out the first time it’s okay we will find a way to get through the obstacles and challenges we may face while being together.  


For example, when I’m extremely nervous my body gets very tight and stiff due to my Cerebral Palsy so, please do not become discouraged by its normal, and honestly, the best thing you can do is take your time to learn the ins and outs about me and my needs.  


Walk me through the process step-by-step so I’m not as nervous about the medical procedures about to take place and have an open discussion with me to make things easier for me to understand. 


Also, please understand that every case of Cerebral palsy varies from person to person and what a person can do the next one might not be able to when it comes to our mobility and the way our bodies function so please just don’t stick us in one category and assume that we all have the same type of medical history because we don’t at all and we all have different strengths and weaknesses.    


And don’t worry about that I’m pretty sure you’ll do awesome at navigating through that just take the time out to listen to our stories and get to know us individual people not what you see on paper cause we are more than our diagnosed Cerebral palsy and the struggles that are in front of us. 


As that comes a long way when your working with Cerebral palsy in the medical field take the time out to figure out ways to educate yourself and society on what it is like to work with people with Cerebral palsy and help us end the stigmas behind Cerebral palsy and the misconceptions that often are said about Cerebral palsy.  


Along with that, I would say to enjoy the journey and embrace every memorable moment and the lessons taught with each patient you may come across but most of all just be you and continue to be the best you can be. 


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