How I Explain Cerebral palsy to My friends

Over the years, I have made many friends who don’t have Cerebral palsy or who have different disabilities that aren’t anything close to Cerebral palsy.

When I first enter a friendship with someone who wants me to explain Cerebral Palsy to them, I tend to make jokes about it, for example, when I describe what it like to have a spasm that affects my left side due to the cerebral palsy I say oh, looks like Cerebral palsy is having a party and doing some tango dancing and usually, my friends laugh and they want to know more about Cerebral palsy, and how it affects me and my everyday life.

The reason why I humorously explain my Cerebral Palsy is so that others could see there is a positive side to having this condition and there is a happy side to living with this disability that the world doesn’t seem to know much about unless you know someone who’s affected by it

It also gives people something to remember vs if you explain Cerebral palsy in medical terms which sometimes could be hard and boring to some people and it makes them not interested in learning about Cerebral Palsy.

So I tend to find objects that are relatable to them so that they could understand what Cerebral Palsy is. Another example I like to use is having cerebral palsy. It’s like having a 90s dial-up to connect to the internet in the modern-day.

I find being humorous with friends is the best way to spark up a conversation regarding Cerebral Palsy for me cause I feel making humorous such as the topic of my Cerebral Palsy and how I deal with it easier than talking about in medical terms since that makes me feel down about my situation which is something I don’t want to be sad about my condition I just want to be happy and if I could explain my Cerebral Palsy through jokes and laughter and humor then I’ve done my job as a friend and as an advocate teaching and educating those about my condition in a positive way vs the negative way about my condition because they are humor and laughter in everything we go through on a day-to-day basis, which is something I want to teach people that don’t know much about Cerebral palsy is that we do live our lives to the best of our abilities.

I feel like humor is the best way to show friends that you are happy despite your obstacles and challenges you may face with CP and that you choose to be happy regardless of what’s in front of you.

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