Stomping on Beaches with no assessability

Today I went to Cocoa Beach with my family for a belated memorial day vacation which I was excited about going on of course.

But once I got to Cocoa Beach it wasn’t a very handicapped assessable beach and in fact, not a single beach wheelchair was in sight or available for me to be able to enjoy the beach.

This made me very angry and it made me feel very heartbroken that I couldn’t even go out and enjoy the ambiances of the Coca Beach I
would normally be able to in Fort Lauderdale Beach since they have the assessable beach and Beach wheelchairs available.

where I was able to not have anxiety over haven’t to be looked at differently by others as to where today I felt completely embarrassed and a burden by the fact that my parents had to carry me down to the beach.

not that my parents feel like I’m a burden or an embarrassment it just the point of being about comfortable in my own skin while at the beach or not having the worry about well if this is going to be handicap accessible for my needs as a person that has a disability that wants to live her life to the best of her abilities.

we shouldn’t feel like we have to bother others in the process of going to do certain things like going to the beach I mean we’re in 2019, not 1950 where people with disabilities didn’t have an assessable world and we had to fight to have ramps on the busses. we’re in a modern day where everything should be assessable including beaches.

going to coca beach reminded me that society has come so far but we still have along to go when it comes to people with disabilities and having the tools we need to live in a society where we all could feel free.

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