How Bear In The Big Blue House Helps Chronic Illness

Watching As A Child

Welcome to the blue house
Hello from the small mouse

Growing up in the early 2000’s I watched a lot of Disney related movies and shows as everyone did. One of the TV shows that I loved to watch as a young child was Bear in the Big Blue House created by Mitchell Kriegman.

How Bear In The Big Blue House Helps Chronic Illness
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the preschool children series, it’s about a Bear who lives in a big giant blue house with all his friends and with each episode, a topic is focused on and a lesson is taught to the viewers at home.

Watching As A Grown-up

I know I’m 23 years old (almost 24) but you know what people say – there’s an inner child in you somewhere. To be honest, the reason why I still like watching Bear in the Big Blue House is that its musical numbers and the way puppeteer Noel Macneal brings Bear to life once he begins to talk just gives you a welcoming feeling that you need to feel when you have a panic attack and you’re thinking that it’s the end of the world.

Bear reminds you that it is going to be okay and that if you’re feeling awful, Bear always makes you feel better about your situation that you’re in as you watch him go on adventures with the gang.

How Bear In The Big Blue House Helps Chronic Illness
What I enjoy about Bear and the Big Blue House is the musical notes in the show. My favourite song to listen to when I’m having a panic attack is the Goodbye Song which is sung at the end of each show with Luna the Moon.

How Bear In The Big Blue House Helps Chronic Illness
A lot of my friends think I’m weird for watching a show for preschoolers at almost 24 but they don’t understand what it’s like to have a body that doesn’t understand your wants.

How A Bear Solves Problems

You need something to distract you from what you’re feeling when you’re having a full-blown panic attack. When you watch an episode of Bear and Big Blue House, you can just become relaxed with all the musical numbers and seeing all characters be happy and joyful

Every time I watch, it makes me forget about every single worry I have in the world at the moment and makes me focus on what’s going on in the episode and the lesson being taught within the show. Overall I love Bear and Big Blue House for many reasons; from its musical numbers to the way Bear makes you feel right at home.

Bear always makes me feel better and

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