I’m Not Your Inspiration

Over the years I have been told by many strangers that I was an inspiration to them.

Truth be told, I find it flattering but at the same time I have to wonder, are they just saying that because I’m disabled and they see me living a normal life in society and adapting to the world around me?

We all have to do that on a day to day basis as a society whether you have a disability or not it doesn’t automatically make us an inspiration it just means you’re doing your best to get by.

What makes you inspirational is the things you do in your life to overcome obstacles and challenges that come your way and your attitude about situations that may be tough and how you look at life and the lessons that those obstacles taught you.

That’s what makes you an inspiration, that’s what makes people look up to you, not the fact that you have a condition that limits you from certain activities, it’s how you learn from it and how your attitude is about the situation.

I just feel as if when able-bodied see someone with a disability they automatically label the person as an inspiration but they have no idea how the person views themselves and the situation they are in.

You could have a disability and be a negative person and choose to have the “pity party” which isn’t the way to go but you see where I’m trying to get. Here is what I believe makes you inspirational; Your attitude and the way you look at life.

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