The Problem With How the Media Portrays Cerebral palsy

Watching news outlets like ABC and CNN and NBC have become a part of our everyday lives.

For me News outlets like ABC and CNN, NBC, are very hard for me to watch because of the way they betray my condition when it comes to Cerebral Palsy and what it really means to have battled with the condition.
The problem with the way the media’s betraying people with Cerebral Palsy is that the media seems to continue the stigmas and the misconceptions society thinks is correct when it’s not

For example, I once was on the local news for an installment in which the news reporter says “This is Tylia, She was born with a rare form of “Body Palsy”, which causes her to be in a wheelchair so it only made sense that she had celebrated her 16th birthday in style”

There is the problem right there; they brought no awareness to cerebral palsy and what it was instead; the new outlet bringing awareness to my condition and what it really was; “Cerebral Palsy” they decided to make my story and my situation more of a “pity party” situation and exaggerating the truth vs just giving the people the full-on truth about people’s live stories with Cerebral Palsy.

I feel like the news media is only damaging us as Advocates and the way we want able-bodied people to view us in society because of the stigmas that the media allows to be continued in our society but on the upside, it gives us more of a reason to fight and a voice to stomp on the stigmas that the media has created stigmas.

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