how to cope with ableism

In today’s society, unfortunately, people with disabilities tend to deal with the constant struggle of Ableism, And having to constantly have to prove society that their assumptions of you are wrong.

So how to cope with Ableism when you’ve encountered a situation when it’s clear ableism has taken place :

1. Educate the ableist – I know it could be hard to encounter someone who is ableist but we must educate the ableist in a respectable manner in a way where both can take a lesson out of this instead of showing our offensive aggressive side because by doing that we get nowhere.

2. Remind yourself that what that one ableist person thinks isn’t your truth – Reminding yourself that what the ableist person or people thought of you isn’t your truth and you shouldn’t let that get to you.

3. Keep on being You – the best way to defeat Ableism is continuing being the best that you could because that’s how you win and succeed by moving on

I hope these 3 tips help you throughout your journey and remember despite the obstacles keep on stomping



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