Why you shouldn’t stay angry at your disability

Sometimes having a disability can be tough and the way society reacts doesn’t make it easy at times and sometimes it causes us to get frustrated and wish we weren’t in this situation. I’ll be the first one to tell you that it is okay to feel the way you do.

We’ve all been there and felt that sense of anger and anxiety, uncertainties at times when we feel upset about your disability, but it becomes an issue when you let that control you and make you feel differently about your worth and last but not least your pride.
It’s okay to be upset with your situation for a while but you shouldn’t let the anger always control your life and control what you’re able to do vs what you can’t do.

If you focus on the negative things about your disability then you will sabotage your mind without even realizing that you’re doing so.

It will affect the many opportunities you will receive in life cause you are so focused on being anger you’re not going to see the greatest in your life you’ve been given despite your disability and your obstacle but think about this despite your disability you are your own human and breathe your own oxygen that’s a blessing in itself so don’t let your anger about your situation take control of the greatest you have in front of your wheels or walkers, etc.

Just the other night, I had to remind myself while having a spastic attack that anger will become my worse enemy if I let anger rent space in my brain so I thought about how beautiful my life has been even with this condition and said to myself I got this and I will win this fight that I’m battling and I did.

As I always say obstacles are just temporary but the way you react to them lasts forever .

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