To that 21-year old me who struggled with depression

Hey You,

Yeah, I’m talking to you, don’t be surprised girl, look I know it may seem like you’re confused about where you’re heading in life as you’re just now, turning 21-years old and it seems too difficult to handle as you are now coming to terms with the fact you’re going to have Cerebral Palsy forever and you’re always going to have to rely on someone to help you get through the boundaries you may face in society.

It may be hard but you’ll make it through everything depression has to throw at you including the times when you felt like giving in but you started to read Harry Potter and remember that your struggle isn’t the end of your fight just remember that it’s just one bad chapter, not your life’s story.

And as you go through the rest of your 20’s you will soon appreciate the struggles that you are going through and say “This is my story and I’m not ashamed of what I’m and who I have yet to become”.

So don’t give up just yet, I’m rooting for you

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