How One Facebook Friend Request Changed My Life Forever


We all seem to become connected to each other through technology in some way. And, whether you like it or not, social media has become a part of the world, and we have all become active users.

Any significant news events that happen become trends that are posted all over social media. Everybody starts tweeting and hashtagging about them. Whether they be new challenges or trends that the celebrities are trying out, everybody seems to follow everyone and everything on social media. It has become more influential than ever, especially when it comes to the newer generations.

How We Met

I don’t think the people in the past would have imagined that the next generation would meet their friends, boyfriend or girlfriend online.

I never thought I would tell my family and friends that I met my boyfriend online, but it happened.

One day, I shared my story about how I wrote my book, James Ticking Time Bomb, as a teenager on a Facebook page for people with disabilities. That’s when his mother found me and asked if I would like to get to know her son. She explained to me that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at sixteen years old, along with spastic cerebral palsy. I thought he was a strong, inspirational young man, and I wanted to get to know him.

There was just something about him that put a spark in my heart. I knew that he was going to be someone special in my life, but at the beginning of our journey, I didn’t know how.

After an eight-hour conversation on Facebook Messenger, I knew he was the one. I knew that he was going to be someone special in my life. I could never get him off of my mind. I thought about him when I was doing my daily tasks like going to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and doctors appointments, homeschooling and doing homework.

At first, I denied that I had genuine feelings for him because we had never met in person before, and I didn’t want people to think I was a nutcase. I also denied my feelings for him because I previously had a boyfriend who lived in Alabama, and we were dating long-distance, but we drifted apart due to his infidelity.

Long story short, after talking with him daily through text messaging, Facebook and phone calls, we decided to go steady with each other, even though we had never met in person before.

How We Handle The Distance

The main question people always ask me is, “Isn’t he just a friend if you guys have never seen each other face to face?!”

No, he’s so much more than that. He’s my boyfriend. He’s my soulmate. We do everything together. Distance has no boundaries. We go everywhere together, whether it is to the movies or to a restaurant. He is always there because he is just a text or a call away.

Being with him brings me so much joy. I always felt like I was in the battle alone, but he brought me back the happiness I thought I would never see ever again.

It was like he was sent from God. I remember a week before I met him over Facebook, I prayed to God that I would find an excellent, caring young man with fair skin. And I did.

He Understands Me

I think when it comes to cerebral palsy and dating, it is harder to find a partner because of the struggles that we have to face in our lives with disability. Not everyone understands them.

The one thing I love about our relationship is that I can be myself around him, and I don’t have to be ashamed about my scars or my body. We can relate to one another.

One of the main problems I used to have when I was single was that no one could relate to my disability and the young men I wanted to date weren’t willing to learn about it. That’s a big thing for me: If you have a problem with the fact that I have a disability, I can no longer pursue a relationship with you.

But with him, it was a different feeling. Although we have never met in person before, it feels like we have always been together without even knowing each other for many years. I guess earlier in our lives, we weren’t meant to cross paths yet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share, Inspire and Love In The Online Community

I always tell people that by sharing my story and inspiring others, I got a very special gift at the end it all, and that was him. He has a big heart and cares deeply for the citizens of his community He is truly an example of an hometown hero who inspires others, including myself, to be greater.

He is the reason why I continue to write to change the world and meet other warriors.

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