my most awkward moments with Cerebral Palsy

In the 22 years that I’ve been living with cerebral palsy, I must admit there have been some pretty awkward moments, which I have experience with cerebral palsy and today I’m going to be telling you my most awkward moments with cerebral palsy.

My first awkward moment would have to be every time I grab a cup without a lid or a soda can, and I catch a spastic attack, and it spills all over my clothes talk about awkward and embarrassing especially if you’re wearing a white t-shirt and decide to drink a Coke or fruit punch. ????


The second awkward moment is when you go to a restaurant, and you ask for a to-go cup with the lid So that you can feel more comfortable when wanting something to drink without having to ask people to help you

But it becomes awkward when the restaurant doesn’t have Styrofoam to go cups, and they bring you back a kids cup, and people around you assume that you are a child. ????


The Third awkward moment would have to be when random people come up to me, and sayGod Bless you. Not that I mind when people give me their blessings, but I have to ask myself are they just giving me their blessing because they feel bad for my situation and my disability ????


the fourth awkward moment would have to be when you have cerebral palsy, and you are eating something, and people have to feed you like a toddler since you’re at an outing with you’re friends and don’t have a place to pull up your wheelchair and eat in peace.  ????


The fifth and final most awkward moment with cerebral palsy would have to be when I have the ugliest face expressions not meaning to, but it happens from time to time but what makes it incredibly awkward is that it makes me look like I have to go poop. ????

I have asked my doctor about this, and she said it’s entirely normal for someone with cerebral palsy, but it makes it awkward for me because sometimes I’ll be on in public with my mom and she says Ty stop putting that ugly face.   shown in the picture down below  





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