Disney I want a princess just like me

For most of my childhood, I grew up watching Disney movies one of my favorite Disney’s films was The little mermaid because as a little girl I felt like I could relate to Ariel and her desire to want to be a human and be free from the world she was living under the sea.

Although I love the little mermaid growing up, I often wish that there was a princess that was just like me a princess that had cerebral palsy, and she was different from everybody else that lived in the village and that everybody knew was different and they always doubted her abilities to be something great.

I wish that one day  Walt Disney animators   would consider creating a princess with cerebral palsy because I feel as if it would be beneficial to the new generation of the children being diagnosed with cerebral palsy every day and other disabilities

I firmly believe that this would make a huge difference in the world and it would show your little girls with cerebral palsy, and other disabilities that being different makes you beautiful and in their own way and to never be ashamed of who they are.

Not only do I think that creating a princess with Cerebral Palsy would benefit little girls with cerebral palsy and little girls with other disabilities  I firmly believe it would educate society and give them insight on what life is indeed like with disabilities for people like us it would bring more awareness to the disability community.

I also believe that it would help parents of children with disabilities explain to their children why they are different and why it’s okay to be different but most of all the children will have someone to look up to and someone to relate to that is just like them.


I know as a little girl I wanted that so desperately to have a princess that was just like me, I feel that what I hope meI feel that would help me overcome many obstacles in life such as dealing with bullying accepting the fact that I was different from everybody else in my class.

It would have been so much easier if I would’ve had a reference to refer to when explaining to my classmates what was wrong with me and why I was in a wheelchair and why I was so different from them.

I also firmly believe that it would bring the world closer together and make a difference for the disability community  but most of all spreading awareness for cerebral palsy and the 17 million people  diagnosed with cerebral palsy worldwide



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