How meeting an internet friend helped me cope with my Cerebral palsy

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way we connect with others and share our stories with the world.

I know for me social media has helped me connect with others with Cerebral palsy all over the world and build friendships with people who could relate and understand what it’s like to have a condition that isn’t really spoken about in our everyday society.

Over the past few months, I had been struggling with adapting to a somewhat brand new society due to the pandemic and what it caused me to feel and in some ways, I have felt very isolated and alone since many things I was looking forward to either turned virtual or got canceled.

Which made a lot harder for me to be happy during this time which wasn’t like me not to be happy with my self but I wasn’t and I didn’t know where to turn at some point until one day I checked my Facebook and received a friend request from a musician with Cerebral palsy named Joey Odum.

In the beginning, I wasn’t expecting much from connecting with him since I connect with other people daily with cerebral palsy and I’ll talk to them here and there but not much.

But from the minute Joey and I connected and started to talk about how we view our condition and how viewed it my immediate thought was finally someone gets my sense of positive views when it comes to how we deal with Cerebral palsy and how we handle our way of life and that was what I needed to remind myself to keep going and keep sharing my story with the world.

So being able to connect with someone who has the same passion as I do was a reminder for me to keep going despite the obstacles we may face as we are brave and we’re strong and we won’t back down cerebral palsy isn’t a reason to bring us down and getting the chance to get to know Joey and with music with him has reminded me that everyone has a story and you have expressed it whether it be through something you’re passionate about or just speaking out about how you feel.

And I feel as if getting to know Joey has made me understand the true definition of bravery and strength despite what obstacles I have in front of me and with that, I will be able to overcome anything that comes my way.

I honestly have to say that people are meant to cross paths for a reason and I believe that Joey was meant to cross paths at a time where my life was full of uncertainty and questions but ultimately I’m grateful that I met Joey and the message that he brought to me that bravery all starts with you and the message you want to spread and the best way to win at every obstacle you got to do is smile.


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