Why we need to bring more Awareness to employment in the disability community

With October being National Disability Employment Month, I wanted to discuss why we should bring awareness to employment when it comes to having Cerebral palsy.

I have always been the type of person who wanted to go and get a job out in society despite my Cerebral palsy and the obstacles and challenges that I may have to face in my life by the time I was a teenager in high school as I watched my friends get their first jobs at McDonald’s and such.

I had the desire to get a job and save my money for the newest sims expansion packs at the time but I had a major dilemma my Cerebral palsy and having places of employment not wanting to hire me because people saw my limitations as an issue.

So I decided to do my research and find a place that was dedicated to helping people with disabilities find jobs and that’s where I found the Center for independent living of Broward county where I was sent on the job training to many different job sites where I learned what it was like to be employed by someone.

That’s when I discovered I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I wanted to use my voice to do what I loved vs working at a somewhere I didn’t enjoy, But I think the issue with finding employment when you have a disability in a workplace is that there isn’t enough awareness about people with disabilities in places of employment.

This is why I feel there needs to be more discussion about people with disabilities in the workplace so that there are fewer stories of ableism and discrimination in society when it comes to people with disabilities.

Also, I feel like if we train corporate companies on how to deal with exclusion and diversity when it comes to hiring people with disabilities the more and more people with disabilities won’t fall off the cliff and they’ll be able to live a happy and healthy life.

It’ll also give people with disabilities to feel like they’ve accomplished the many goals they want to achieve if they have the opportunity to work in an office of employment.

That’s why spreading awareness about people with disabilities in the employment field should be brought to their attention not just this month but every month.

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