For reasons why we should always celebrate disabilities and diversity’s

I recently took part in a documentary called Disability on the Spectrum where my friends and I got the chance to celebrate our different ways of living our lives despite our obstacles and challenges in society.

Which got my brain flowing when it came to wanting to write this post about the four reasons why we should celebrate inclusion and differences within the Disability community.

  1. We all have stories to tell – people with disabilities all have stories to tell regardless of what obstacles and challenges that we all may have in our lives we have stories to tell.
  2. We all have hopes and dreams – people with disabilities all have different hopes and dreams just like everyone else
  3. We’re all apart of society despite our Disabilities – whether people like it or not people with disabilities are part of society and the world around us and it’s up to us to bring Awareness to that
  4. People with disabilities are full of diversity and different cultures- people with disabilities come from many different cultures and backgrounds that we’re proud of and want others to embrace their cultures too.Now that I discussed the four reasons why we should celebrate inclusive and diversity within the disability community I want to take a second to reflect on Disability on the Spectrum it was quite a journey filming and documenting my life during this time of uncertainty and got to take part in bringing awareness to what people different abilities are despite their Disabilities cause we’re all different in our own different spectrums.I just feel like when watching this documentary you get a feel for why diversity is so important in the disability community and why we all should embrace it every day.I honestly will not forget about this opportunity in this experience for as long as I live to tell my story and with that being said I want to thank my friend founder of the DIYABLED Priya Ray for the opportunity of a lifetime. 

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