Why Mornings Are Hard as Someone With Cerebral Palsy

From the very second that I open my eyes, I feel nothing but tightness and stiffness throughout my entire left side of my body where my Cerebral palsy is mostly affected, and the simplest task of taking off my blanket becomes extremely difficult as I try to extend my arm out to do so but the spasticity makes and lack of mobility makes me feel like I’m a computer on 90s dial-up as my mother lifts me and transfers me on to my bath chair makes my whole body tightens up as I sit down in the pain in my left hip began as I turn on the shower and finally the water touches my body and I finally get a little relief from the spasms and the lack of mobility that causes me pain and my body starts to relax but as I start to wash in the spots that I can reach the spasms began and my body acts up and that’s one of my frustration begins because of the pain in the one side of my body and I start to lean on one side of my body versus the other because I have windswept legs

due to my cerebral palsy and that gets me frustrated and my initial thought is when will this be over so that I could catch a break as I reach out with my arm to turn off the Fossett and the spasms start back up again uncontrollably and I tell to myself C.P Stop having a party and just let me relax when finally I get to my bedroom where I pick up the clothes that I wanna wear for the day and that’s the beginning of the tug-of-war begins as I struggle to put on a shirt as my body gets tight as I put one hand through the sleeve and my arm through in my legs get tight as I put my pants on and my feet get tight as I put my shoes on as well but I tend to still remain positive that one day my mornings will get easier with C.P and I continue to remain positive that one day mornings will get easier for me.

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