How being a poet has helped me cope with my cerebral palsy

I first started to take an interest in writing poetry after my mother recommended I start to write poetry to help me cope with Cerebral palsy.

At first, I was reluctant to do so thinking there’s no way writing poetry isn’t going to help me but when I finally was writing my first poem I suddenly felt inspired and empowered to tell my story to the best of my ability as I started to type the words to my poems on the computer.

I all of sudden forget about the lack of my mobility I have on the left side of my body due to my cerebral palsy and the world around just becomes peaceful as I gain the confidence to express my honest emotions about Cerebral palsy and what it means for me to be a woman in a society with Cerebral palsy.

Being a poet has given me the strength to share my story and say take or leave it. This is me. This is my story and I’m not ashamed of it.
Being a poet has allowed me to connect with others that are just like me and could relate to what I’m going through which makes me feel like I could be myself without feeling judged by the people around me because they understand what it’s like to be in my shoes which comes along the way when you have Cerebral palsy and how sometimes you feel alone at times.

But with poetry, I don’t have to feel I’m in a world with my disability that society doesn’t really understand my
disability, poetry has become my way of coping with my cerebral palsy and the way I see the world as someone who uses wheels as her legs to get around.

Ultimately I’m thankful for Poetry and what’s it done for me as an individual with Cerebral palsy


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