Four reasons why you should celebrate disability pride month

This month is Disability Pride Month!
The month coincides with the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which is a time to celebrate people with disabilities and to advocate for a more inclusive world.


  1. So why should we celebrate disability pride month and inclusiveness during this month:
    We all have stories of our own it’s no secret that people with disabilities have stories with unique journeys to share with the world.
  2. We need our voices heard – it’s no secret that people with disabilities are often overlooked by society by the stigmas and the miscommunications of having a disability so it’s up to us to change those views and show our pride towards our journey and everyday lives.
  3. People with disabilities lives matter too- people with disabilities do matter just as much as everyone else lives in our society and should have the right to wave our flag and show pride.
  4. People with disabilities have come a long way in society – it’s no secret that people with disabilities have come along way from not having handicapped accessible buses with ramps fighting for the 504 plan and the ADA to be passed. We made it a long way Disability pride month means celebrating each milestone that we ranched as a society as we come together and bring awareness to our everyday lives and what it truly means to bring awareness and educate society on what it like to live in society as a person with Cerebral palsy, as I say my name is Tylia L Flores, I ‘m 25-year-old with spastic Cerebral palsy and this my story.

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