The one wish I have for Christmas

I am often reminded of how society treats people with disabilities as we approach the holiday season, and if St. Nick was real, I would wish for one thing.

Rather than walk or be cured of this condition, we want to make people aware of its beauty and characteristics. is because behind the condition and symptoms there are many beautiful things to see.

There are a lot of things people miss out on when it comes to Cerebral Palsy. In my case, my wheelchair does not define me; it makes me unique.


It keeps my life interesting even on my most difficult days when I have to put a diaper on that I have no shame about because I can’t reach the bathroom because of my Cerebral Palsy.

When I have a good day where I’m happy and smiling, just like you, I have my happy days and my bad days, so what makes me any different?


I am just like you in my own way, we may not have had the same journeys and such, but I am human with a lot of pride in my disability.

This Christmas, I hope that the world will learn the true meaning of diversity and equality for all, not just those with cerebral palsy.

Transparency will enable us to better understand and reduce stigma around people with disabilities. It’s exactly what I want, for people to see me as a slice of pizza, just as normal as they do .

I am a 27-year-old country music fan who loves green and Dr. Pepper. I am a demi-sexual woman who is proud of it. But what makes me different is my cerebral palsy no, I think not.

Although my wheelchair makes me stand out, I consider it part of my identity, so what’s next to be labeled different? Nothing

With that in mind, my one Christmas wish is that people would understand that I am just like them

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