What makes someone a great advocate

Over the years, I received this most common question in regard to my journey with Cerebral Palsy I overcome challenges and obstacles. What do you think makes someone a great advocate? After giving it some time and thinking about it…

31 years ago today

31 years ago today By Tylia L. Flores 31 years ago today, We left a mark on society as we know, After many nights of frustrations, and many sit in and many crawls we finally did it, But yet there’s…

26 years of rising the phoenix

With tomorrow being my 26th birthday, I have decided to celebrate by writing 26 years of rising the Phoenix in honor to celebrate my journey as a person with cerebral palsy.  26 Years of Rising the Phoenix  By Tylia L….

Life works in mysterious ways

I know it may seem like this journey is been a long one, But just know that it’ll be OK, Although it may not seem like it now,  But don’t you worry life works in mysterious ways,  Despite the obstacles…

It all starts with us

Yesterday, I was elated to find out that I was quoted by the Cerebral palsy Foundation: I have cerebral palsy and I want people to be aware that although we may have to do it differently from others, it doesn’t…

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Our disabilities aren’t the problem

Our disabilities aren’t the problem By Tylia Flores Waking up every morning,  Getting ready for a brand new day and a brand new adventure,  Ready to educate others,  and show the world,  that our disabilities aren’t the problem,    The…

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