“Beauty Within Wheels”

I decided to write “Beauty Within Wheels” because I wanted people to understand that there is beauty in every disability no matter what that disability may be and also being able to accept diversity within your own community is a beautiful thing too if you just take the time to enjoy the journey the way I have in my way I see my society as a world full of possibilities and I don’t see my disability as an obstacle that stops me I see it as something that makes it beautiful, in that aspect please enjoy the poem I wrote:


Watching my shadow reflect,

from the beaming hot sun,

As I wheel my chair,

with my head held high,

As I say I did it,

I have found the beauty within the wheels,

that has become my anchor,

As I navigate through the world,

with the beauty within my wheels,

Meeting new people reflecting on my life ,

And how far I’ve come in life

As I see the beauty within my wheels.

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