The 5 misconceptions I’m tried of hearing as a someone with Cerebral palsy

As someone who lives with Cerebral palsy and who is also an Advocate, I tend to have to educate people on the stigmas and the misconceptions that people thought to be correct until getting insight on the stigmas.

I must admit there are quite a few misconceptions I’m tired of hearing:


  1. People with disabilities all have the same mental capacity and are all the same – I’m extremely tired of hearing this stigma mainly because we’re not all the same and we don’t have the mental capacity we all have different weaknesses and strengths like everyone else in society.
  2. People with disabilities aren’t able to get employment – honestly, what can I say about this misconception it’s the hardest stigma to overcome but I’m happy I’ve been able to achieve the goal of having employment and have the opportunity to work for a non-profit
  3. People with disabilities don’t have the desire to find love and never will – I have always hated this stigma and misconception about people with disabilities because for one I have always been a hopeless romantic and always wanted to fall in love.
  4. People with disabilities constantly want pity – when I hear this stigma I get extremely upset because people with disabilities don’t want pity I hate when people pity me and the situation I’m in because I’m disabled and use a wheelchair like can I just be Tylia.
  5. People with disabilities don’t go out or have an interest in making friends – this stigma drives me crazy because we do have the desire to go out and make friends and meet new people every day.

Ultimately, Stigmas and misconceptions are very frustrating to navigate through but this is the reason I advocate and seek awareness for Cerebral palsy and the world around me to help the next generation after me to end the stigmas and the misconceptions.

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