Three ways you can advocate during COVID-19

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way we function in our everyday lives.

I know for myself it’s been quite the obstacle to get through consistently having to worry about wearing a mask and having to take extra safety precautions and it makes it extra difficult for me to adapt to this new society as someone with Cerebral palsy but the one thing that I noticed that’s been helping me cope with the pandemic is advocating for Cerebral palsy awareness and bringing awareness to what’s it’s like to have Cerebral palsy on a day to day basics but with a whole set of brand new challenges because of the pandemic, but in many ways, I have been able to advocate since I found 3 ways to advocate remotely from home.

  1. use all social media platforms to spread your message – Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has been my ultimate go-to when it comes to advocating during COVID since it has allowed me to connect with other advocates and get involved with many nonprofits.
  2. Have weekly Zoom calls with other advocates to discuss what issues are going on in the community and what you’d like to see change.
  3. Take some time to improve your weaknesses and places you feel you can improve on – there’s always room to improve on weaknesses as an advocate because we have them for example, I tend to stutter when I read or get nervous in public so I practice so that I could get better at it. Truth be told, the pandemic has made it interesting to advocate for Cerebral palsy and could be tricky at times but the world needs our stories and we must let our voices be heard. so don’t let this pandemic stop you from being the advocate you know you can be like I’ve been saying since March I’m just stomping on coronavirus


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