Why we need to advocate

In my years, of being involved in advocating for cerebral palsy many

people have asked me why do I advocate for cerebral palsy for one I have had Cerebral palsy form the age of two years old and I know what it’s like to have to deal with society and the stereotypes that have been brought to me as a person with Cerebral Palsy in general.

Of course, dealing with society obstacles isn’t easy when it comes to living with this condition along with people that truly living a mind where they still believe in the misconceptions and the stigmas of people living with a disability such as cerebral palsy that’s why I feel like we need to advocate as

people with disabilities because we have to be the voice for the new generations and also we need to continue to speak up about the issues we face today in a society that wasn’t made for people like us but I know for myself I’ve learned to adapt to this society but others haven’t and

sometimes they need role models to help them learn to adapt to look up to the people with disabilities who have gone through life struggles with their disability, for example, one of the advocates I’ve always looked up to is Edward Verne Roberts was an American activist. He was the first student with severe disabilities to attend the University of California, Berkeley. He was a pioneering leader of the disability rights movement.

By doing all this advocacy work I hope to someday be somebody’s inspiration to start speaking out about what matters to them as a human in society

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