Why I’m no longer ashamed of using Kid’s cups

Today my mother and I decided to do some spring cleaning around the house and as for doing spring cleaning around the kitchen, we discovered that I had plenty of travel plastic cups.

Due to having cerebral palsy my body tends to have these moments were it jumps and flinches so I was never really able to hold a glass and drink liquids without it spilling all over the place.

Over the years this has caused me to have extreme insecurity issues especially when we would go out to restaurants and I would have to drink out of the kid’s cup even though I was a teenager at some point but now I’m a young adult and I say that I am more than happy to say that I use those cups and they’re completely lifesavers

I have collected several kids cups over the years and have them as souvenirs to remember the places that I’ve traveled to as a child as a teenager and even as an adult.

I love them especially the Disney cups when I go to theme parks and get the frozen lemonade drinks because they come with the straw and there easy to hold and close along with drinking out of .

The way I look at it is drinking out of children’s cups is a part of my unique life story and I love everything about myself and that’s how I feel as if everyone should deal with their challenges and obstacles people should deal with their challenges and obstacles they should take it and strives with it because that’s what makes you and that’s what makes you unique.

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