What Saved by the bell taught people about people with disabilties

I’m the type of person that enjoys watching sitcoms before my time, and one of my favorite sitcoms besides Family Matters and Full house has to be  19988’s family sitcom  Saved by the bell.

You might be asking yourself why are wanting to write about a sitcom that has nothing to do with disabilities what so ever.


The reason why I’m writing about saved by the bell Because I recently came across an episode entitled Teen Line the Premises of that episode that the main protagonist Zack Morris starts a teen hotline that’s where he ”Meets ” Melissa, who is a wheelchair user but doesn’t know that about her at first.


After speaking and hitting it off Zack and Melissa decided to meet up in person where Zack discovers Melissa uses a wheelchair Zach becomes shocked but continues to date Melissa, but he doesn’t know how to handle dating someone in a wheelchair.

Every activity that Zach and Melissa did together Zach always had made it a point to say that he was dating a ”Handicapped girl  ”.

I strongly feel as if people paint  Zack Morris to be a Total jerk off in this episode when he’s isn’t Zach is very naïve on what to do when it comes to interacting his girlfriend who is different from others.


For example, in the episode, Zack and Melissa Go to the Cinema to see a movie and Zack becomes very upset When he sees Someone able-bodied  parked in handicap And he tells the manager of the restaurant how he feels although Melissa says it’s no big deal

This makes Melissa feel very uncomfortable naturally, and she is completely turned off by the fact that Zack sees Constantly sees the chair and not her as a person.

I can relate to the way Melissa was feeling throughout the episode because I have been in the same predicament as a teenager in high school where I was going steady with a young man, but he always saw the chair and not as the beautiful women I’m so we broke up

So my dating life was never the best back then, but as far as this episode goes I think the writers  of saved by the bell did a great job when it comes bringing awareness to the disability community

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