The Six Things I want you to know about me despite my (CP)

Today,  I wanted to write about something other than Cerebral Palsy since besides having Cerebral Palsy I’m a typical 22 -years old that has her personality without letting her disability be a part of her identity.


In this post, I’m going to be writing about the six things I want you to know about me besides the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy so without further ado let’s get started.

  1. I love having orange juice in???? the morning to me orange juice is like having coffee I need it to go on with my day’s activities.   
  2. I love country music because???? with country music it always has a story behind the song that being sang.
  3.   I love the sport of baseball my⚾ favorite teams are the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins.
  4.  I love drinking piña coladas or Miami Vices by the poolside ????
  5. If I didn’t have Cerebral palsy, I would have enlisted in the  US Army.????????
  6.   I love New York City ???? my favorite is pepperoni pizza

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