Ban on plastic straws has unintended consequences for people with disabilities who rely on them

Don’t even know where, to begin with, this post ?! Based on the title you can already tell what this post is going to be about Plastic straws being banned in the UK.

Although I don’t live in the united kingdom, I wanted to share my thoughts cause I feel like it’s imperative and that we discuss everything that could affect the disability community whether it be Overseas or in the US.
With that, I would like to go onto my thoughts about this law is taking a step backward When it comes to making society better for people with disabilities and making it easier for us to to be more independent in the community we live in.
I know from my experience having a plastic straw available for me when I go to restaurants or other people’s houses were they don’t necessarily have a plastic cup but they have plastic straws It comes in handy, And I never have to worry about getting nervous and spilling my drink everywhere.
These are just the simplest of things people with disabilities need to succeed in Society.
I could see why a lot of people with disabilities that live in the United Kingdom are concerned cause for us having plastic straws Is like having $1 million when we’re not at home and Need to find a more natural way for us to be independent without having to ask for help.
without plastic straws being available for us and public places how do you expect us to have the confidence to become independent in life?
You’re probably wondering where does independence come into all of this independence has a lot to do with having plastic straws and plastic cups because a lot of the times as people with disabilities we need to find different ways to be independent.
having plastic straws are one of the ways people with disabilities could be Independent and if we take Independence away then how is that improving society and Making it better for people disabilities and more accessible for us to live in
it’s not making any more comfortable for us it’s just going make it more difficult for people with disabilities to enjoy an outing

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