The 4 books that helped me cope with my Cerebral palsy

Like many people, I have always been a bookworm who enjoys reading books to cope with my cerebral palsy I could spend hours in my room with my light night and open a good book.

Believe or not it, they are many books that could help you cope with Cerebral palsy so what are some book that helped me cope with my Cerebral palsy.

  1. Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper – Out of my mind, it helped me realized it’s okay to be different and there’s nothing wrong with having cerebral palsy and standing out although it may take people a while to see your true abilities you should never give up.
  2. Taking Cerebral Palsy to School by Mary Elizabeth Anderson Taking Cerebral palsy is about a young boy named Chad with Cerebral palsy but having Cerebral palsy doesn’t stop Chad from living his life as a young boy Taking Cerebral palsy to school gave me a platform to have a discussion with my friends about my disability
  3. On being Sarah by Elizabeth Halfman – On Being Sarah helped me be a student with a Disability in mainstream classes without worrying about not being liked by other students.
  4. Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy by Fran Macilvey- Trapped my life with Cerebral palsy makes me feel like I’m not alone with obstacles that I’m facing.

truthfully books are a great way to cope with a disability like Cerebral palsy since it allows you to escape from what you’re going through at the time I hope that these books will help you cope with your Disability

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