The 3 things you need to remember when struggling with your disability

We all reach points in our lives where we are faced with obstacles that we aren’t ready to face but as people with disabilities we have no choice
but to face them and stomp on them head-on so here are the 3t hings you need to remember if you’re struggling with your disability:

  1. You’re perfect just the way you are – Remember you are perfect just the way you are and nothing about your disability is ugly.
  2. It’s okay to feel this way- It’s okay to feel this way about your disability and your situation I would be lying if I said that I have never struggled with accepting my disability and that’s okay finding your own version of self-love takes time.
  3. You’re stronger than you know – Believe it or not, you’re stronger than you know and you will overcome this challenge that seems too big for you to handle. Ultimately having a disability and navigating through life can be tough but you have to keep moving forward despite the obstacles that come your way because you’re needed in the world and you have a purpose don’t give up and keep on stomping.

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