6 lessons I’ve learned from being an author with a disability

I just started my journey 7 years ago, at the fond age of sixteen years old and over the years I have been taught many lessons about life as an author with a disability


  1. Your obstacle makes the best story – throughout my journey, I have learned that obstacles make the best stories and their the best lessons to be taught, so don’t be afraid to write about it.
  2. Your words are always important and impactful -Positive or negative feedback your words have impacted someone in some way and that you should always take pride in what you write and how you write your story because it’s your story and your words matter.
  3. It’s okay to be real and raw about your journey- over my years of being an author with Cerebral Palsy is that it’s okay to be raw and truthful about how you feel your disability at a certain time in your life because you’re being truthful and honest with your inner self.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with the way you tell your story- I have learned over the
    years that there’s nothing wrong with the way you tell your story IT’S YOUR STORY.
  5. You’re not always going to have it on the first try. I’m going to be honest, here, your first draft isn’t going to be the best but if you really want to be a writer you gotta keep writing until your heart is the right place . 
  6. Your disability doesn’t define the writer that you are – Over the years, I have learned that my Cerebral palsy doesn’t define the writer that I could be although I had to find adaptive ways to type like using voice dictation and the accessibility apps on my computer I refuse to let Cerebral Palsy stop me from doing what I’m passionate about. Overall being a writer has been a life-changing experience for me and the way I see my cerebral palsy and everyday life it showed me that my creativity is my way of stomping on my Cerebral Palsy and I hope that if you’re looking to be a writer that you just start writing your story cause the world needs it

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