“Stomping Through My Life With CP”

I dedicated to write “Stomping Through My Life With CP” because I wanted to share my story and how I view my Cerebral Palsy as a blessing and a punishment although I faced the obstacles that only made me stronger and greater although my life I hope ”Stomping Through My Life With CP” can inspire you

Is this really what reflects me,

the chair that is built behind me

and the wheels that are in front of me,

As I wake up each day,

with my purpose in mind,

As I look into the mirror and say

This is me; my story, my journey,

and I’m not ashamed of it,

Obstacles and all

that have only made me stronger,

through it all,

I’m proud to say I’ve made it far,

with many more places to go,

I’m proud to say this is my story,

Written by me Tylia Flores the woman who stomps on CP



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