Six valuable lessons my grandfather taught me ..


I dedicate this article in loving memory of my grandpa Juan Flores 

June 23, 1935 -December 10, 2003

As a little girl, I always had a close relationship with my grandfather. I considered him to be my best friend. Around this time of year, I think about him often, as died during the holiday season. I was thinking of many ways to honor him this year since it will be 15 years since he’s been gone, then all the lessons he taught me came to mind. Here are my five favorite lessons he taught me, that I think will help you as well.

1. You’re never too young to start liking baseball, or any type of sport! But, specifically, baseball because my grandfather was a huge Yankee’s fan. He showed me his passion for baseball at a very age. I remember when he would sit in front of the television to watch the Yankees play. He would be so proud of being a new yorker and being a fan of the Yankees!

2. Always take pride of your heritage and where you come from. My grandfather loved the island of Puerto Rico. Every time he would tell me stories about it he would talk about the island as if it was Disney World. As a little girl, I dreamed of going to the island, and I finally got to visit when I was 12. I had a warm feeling in my heart because I remember what my grandfather told me about the island and I finally got to see it through my own eyes!

3. You’re never too young or too old to watch classic black and white movies! Our favorite movie to watch was Miracle on 34th Street. Every time he would put it on he would smile and say “my little girl, it’s miracle on 34th street come to sit on my lap and watch it with me,” and it would automatically make me feel the bond that we had.

4. Always put family first he would remind me. My grandpa always was the glue to our family. He always made the point to make sure that all of us got along and kept the family unit together.

5. The best memories are the ones you aren’t expecting to make he would tell me. Just like one of my favorite memories is when my grandfather would wait for me after school on the porch and I would tell him all about my day.

It’s important to create these kinds of memories because there’s going to be a day where someone will pass away that you love. I’m forever grateful!

6. Love everyone no matter their background or past, because everyone deserves to be loved despite the mistakes you made in your life. No matter who you are you should always stay festive all year long and always be happy despite your obstacles and challenges.

These lessons that my grandfather taught me will carry on forever and always in my heart. I’ll always be grateful for the bond my grandfather and I had. I will always consider him my best friend.


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