Red, White and Cerebral Palsy Green”

For this blog entry, I decided to do something a little bit different since I’m on my eighth day of quarantine due to the coronavirus and I’m about to go stir crazy, to be honest, “laugh out loud”. I wanted to write about some of my other interests besides advocating for Cerebral Palsy just in case a zombie apocalypse happens during this pandemic and my Advocacy work goes down in history next to some of the greatest advocates of all time, I wanted all of you reading this to know.

Although I had a passion for advocating I’m still your typical 24-year old who has an old soul according to my friends they always say “Geez, Ty you’re a 64-year old woman in a 24-year old body”

I guess their right since I have an obsession with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson It Ain’t Me Babe and On the Road again are on repeat on my Spotify currently it’s the only thing keeping me from going insane by the fact I can’t go to the lake and listen to the local country artists sing. and when it comes to television I could watch endless hours of the Andy Griffith Show and The Dukes of Hazzard, Gunsmoke and Roseanne, The Doris Day Show and Mash.

If you were to hang out with me you’ll find my television on TVLand, to be honest, unless I’m about to go to bed after a long day you will catch me watching Urban Cowboy.
So I hope that’s not too much for you to handle and also I’m pretty obsessed with positivity and having a positive mindset.

Throughout anything negative going on so through this pandemic, I plan to do that although it hasn’t been the easiest for someone like me who’s a social butterfly on wheels.

I’m still moving forward and spreading my message through the Internet and that’s the beauty of it. It gives me enough time to watch all my favorite TV shows because schools are currently closed.

And read the many books, I have currently on my bookshelves like my Jane Austen collection and my Nicholas Sparks collection although reading Anne Frank would be more fitting for this time. to be quite “frankly honest”, I find the diary of Anne Frank to be my guide of survival and her advice has been very helpful in the long run, especially in the dating department since I haven’t had the best of luck with that department since I’m very old school when it comes to dating and I have a very specific type I like countrymen the ones that wear camouflage, go hunting and have long beards and have the deep country accents and instead of saying hey or what’s up they say howdy or ya’ll instead of calling soda they say pop and also the way they ride 4-wheelers or go mudding is totally attractive.

But besides that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have found a new appreciation for Anne Frank and what she did for us while hiding from the Nazis for two years.
She wrote her story to the best of her abilities and she was very brave to do so

We could all be inspired by her to think despite the obstacles we face on a day-to-day basis we all should tell our stories in the best way we can because who knows we could all be the next Anne Frank

So don’t be afraid to start writing; your story is needed to help others.

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