Disability Awareness In God’s House

When I was 8 years old my parents decided it would be the right time for me to get baptized and learn more about my faith so they signed me up for CCD Classes at the night school for one night out of the week.

When I first started to attend the CCD Class the first thing I noticed was the lack of knowledge on how to deal with a student with a disability in fact while CCD Classes I often felt like I was lost in the crowd of students
Although my CCD Night teacher tried her hardest to give me the accommodations that I needed she couldn’t do it fully on her own mainly because of the lack of awareness and training on inclusion when it comes to churchgoers with disabilities.

When it comes to understanding churchgoers with disabilities and how we see religion and we interpreted things such as prayer and remembering the verses in the Bible it’s not that I didn’t know the verses or the prayer it just needs to be taught to me in a different way

Which is something most churches don’t understand when it comes to getting churchgoers with disabilities involved in activities that they have to offer the community that they are looking to serve cause it all starts with our abilities to want to get involved and seek the knowledge that people need to help people with disabilities adapt to the world around them churches include.

It all could start with something small like creating mass sections just for people with disabilities having more training for nuns and pastors on what to do if they ever come across a churchgoer with a disability

Because awareness goes a long way and that’s what God would want us to do as people because he wants all of us to love him and hear his message that we are all loved and have a purpose.

picture credit https://unsplash.com/photos/BtNxJsFOjtQ

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