My 4 New Year’s resolutions as someone with Cerebral palsy

With 2021, here I tend to think about my New Years’ resolutions in what I want to do to better myself as someone with cerebral palsy.

Although there is always room for improvement when it comes to people like us as our journey with Cerebral palsy gets harder and we have to face many challenges and obstacles that cause us to set goals for ourselves which makes creating this list more difficult.

  1. Do more advocating- no for those of you that know me you know that I strongly believe that Advocating never stops and there is always something to advocate about in our community.
  2. Learn how to drive my wheelchair with a mask over my face – although I am hoping that if I scream Jumanji than every headache we had in 2020 regarding the pandemic but learning how to drive with a mask on is one of my goals for sure
  3. Take a few steps out of my wheelchair-Now I have to rely on my wheelchair to do everyday tasks but in 2021 I plan to take a few steps outside of the wheelchair and work on mobility .
  4. Working on self-care now this is something I have always struggled with as an author and Disability rights activist but in 2021 I plan to work hard on this and remind myself it’s okay to take a day off to watch reruns of Duck Dynasty and do nothing and just relax my body and mind .
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