The Most Difficult Part of Receiving Treatment for Cerebral palsy

Over the years, I have been to several different doctors and specialist regarding my Cerebral palsy to receive treatment each year that goes by it never surprises me when it comes to the obstacles I face getting the proper treatment as a young woman with cerebral palsy is finding a doctor or specialist who fully understands my condition and has an open mind to the fact every case of Cerebral Palsy is not the same and everyone’s case is different and you shouldn’t be closed-minded to all options and possibilities when it comes to trying different treatment plans for my Cerebral palsy.

One of the things that I find the most difficult about receiving treatment for Cerebral palsy is that some doctors assume you are not aware of your abilities and capabilities to understand the ins and out of your situation and how you are feeling about it.

For example, I had to switch doctors and specialists because of the simple fact they would rather communicate with my mom than me when asking questions about my treatment plan when I’m the one responding to the questions and not my mom which annoys me like I’m not invisible. I’m a human so treat me as such.

Another example, I would give is that some doctors that I have gone to receive treatment for my Cerebral palsy don’t know much about the condition and what it entails which frustrate me to the core because here I’m going to you for treatment and guidelines on what to do regarding Cerebral palsy but yet, you’re asking me what is Cerebral palsy and is it a disease or condition?

When that happens usually I spend most of my appointment educating the doctors more than getting a solution to my problem which is the most difficult part of receiving for Cerebral palsy is that you’re not always going to get an answer you want right away or on the first try so you constantly have to go through hoops to find a doctor or specialist who understands this condition and will be open to listening to what it is like to live with Cerebral palsy and what it entails to go through this journey.

I think if we had more doctors that were understanding receiving treatment for Cerebral palsy wouldn’t be so hard in the future I hope that treatment wouldn’t be so difficult for people like us because we need to have more doctors to understand how people with Cerebral Palsy functions on a day to day basis .

Regardless, awareness is key and understanding comes along with that in sending and receiving treatment for us and that’s what makes it so difficult for me to treatment is the lack of understanding in the medical flied when it comes to my Cerebral Palsy but I hope by sharing my experiences with society that doctors will become more open-minded to learning about Cerebral Palsy

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