The Real problem with Disability

As an advocate, I always get asked the question what do you think is the real problem with Disabilities?

My answer always remains the same: it’s not people who have been diagnosed with the conditions that caused them to have a disability, but it becomes a problem when people don’t have understanding.

In my opinion that has always been a problem for many years even before I was born. If we take a look back at history, we’ve always had an issue of people not understanding disabilities and how we adapted to society, which is something we’re always going to have to deal with the problem but how can we make it easier for us to navigate the issue of people not understanding disabilities?

We have to speak up as people with disabilities and show people that there’s more to the word Disability if you cross the word dis out of Disability then the word ability just stays in place and that what we have to keep reminding people that aren’t aware of the situation when it comes to people with different abilities and different traits that we do have in our world.

The second thing we need to do is keep pushing forward and being the best person you can be. That’s what we need to do to fix the problem of Disability and the way people see us as individuals as well.

I strongly believe this issue of disability is always going to come about in a way but if we continue to speak out and advocate to end the stigmas that make Society different then we’re doing the perfect job to end the problem with Disability.

Photo credit Tylia Flores
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