How to be successful on the first day of school as a student with a disability

I wanted to write about this topic because I feel like it can be useful to the disability community and loved ones who may have a child with special needs in their households who are about to go back to school and start a new school year.

For me, the first day of school was always nerve-racking the central question I would always ask myself while getting on the school bus would be how am I going to explain my disability to my classmates?.

Once I wheeled into class, my anxiety would be at an all-time high as the whole class would stare at me as I would get settled at my desk with my assign laptop, that I would have for the school year.

I would stay entirely quite for the most part until I felt comfortable to speak up about my Cerebral palsy which was my biggest mistake when attending public school I should have addressed my classmates about my disability and not have been so frightened to do so.

If I could go back in time and attend my first day at the schools all over again, I would, but this time I would wheel my wheelchair into the classroom with pride and say Hi my name is Tylia and I have Cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t make me any different than any of you. So what can we do to make a special needs students’ first day of school less stressful we should bring awareness to schools about different disabilities so that students and parents could have a better understanding on how to help a student with a disability feel more comfortable in their classroom.

Maybe, If students and teachers had to attend workshops during the summertime to learn about having a classmate with a disability, it would help people understand and have awareness on how to start a conversation with a student with special needs.

It would be a start in the right direction to making a child with special needs first days of school go smoothly and successful but until then here are five things you could do to make a child with special needs first day of  school go smoothly :

  1. Before school begins be sure to go over your child’s IEP to make sure all the essentials are met with the individual education program so that your child be successful in the Learning environment he or she is in.
  2. When receiving your child’s schedule go over it with them so that they have an idea of what’s going to happen throughout the day.
  3.   When planning your child’s first day of school make sure you sit down with him or her to discuss what’s expected of them as a student in the learning environment
  4.   it’s always good to have a stress ball in handy just in case your child has severe anxiety when being in an environment that is unfamiliar to them
  5.  When your child comes home sit down with your child discuss how their day went ask them what they like or didn’t like about the school day, it helps to know these things at the beginning of the year, so there are no hiccups throughout the year.


well, that’s all, for now, I hope you enjoyed my list of tips on how to be successful on the first day of school I hope it’s helpful wishing everyone a happy, healthy school year.



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