Happy Cerebral Palsy awarness ​​day

Happy cerebral palsy awareness day everyone I hope that you are having a great one if you do celebrate the day the people with cerebral palsy come together to celebrate our accomplishment within our community.

In honor of Cerebral Palsy awarenesses day, I decided to pull an old video form 4 years ago where 19-year-old Tylia talks about her journey with Cerebral Palsy so far looking back at this video, I thought about how much my views have changed and how much my interest have changed as well .

but I’m proud of myself and things I’ve been able to accomplish in four years I have become more writer than I thought I would become I have become more of an advocate than I ever thought I would but most of all I’ve become more accepting of my cerebral palsy anymore proud to be a part of the crowd that wears green each day as we faced many obstacles and challenges that we continue to defeat those along the way .

So without further do here is the video from 19 year old


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