Speechless on the Bubble

I recently read an article on https://tvline.com about ABC’S sitcom speechless and the article Sparks up a debate whether or not the sitcom should be renewed for a fourth season or not.

In my opinion, I strongly feel that ABC should renew Speechless for the 4th season because the sitcom could showcase the ups and downs of a young adult with Cerebral Palsy going off to college and navigating a life while being independent .

Which is something I think all people should be able to see that people with disabilities go to the same things as any normal adult would but just in a different way but I also feel as if parents with children with special needs could benefit from it too.

If ABC cancels Speechless I strongly would be disappointed because there’s so much the writer could do with this brand new storyline about JJ heading to college and trying to find himself as a young man that is now independent.

What I would like to see if ABC doesn’t rewind speechless will be a spin-off focusing on JJ’s brand new journey in New York City attending college and I mean there’s so much adventures JJ could go on and so much

hilarious obstacles he could face along the way such as getting his Wheelchair stuck in the snow such as a building not being handicapped assessable there are so many things that are possible with either suggestion.

but overall I hope that ABC’s doesn’t drop the whole Speechless franchise because it’s a fantastic sitcom that gives us the real reality of being a family member with Cerebral Palsy

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