Five ways you can cope with Cerebral palsy during the winter

Winters have always been the most dreadful time for me due to climate change and constant spasticity and body aches that we have to face due to the cold and windy weather.

But luckily, I have come with some tips that could help you cope with the winter when you have Cerebral palsy.

  1. Find indoor activities that you enjoy – one of my favorite things to do during the winter is listening to country music which helps distract me from the spastics and stiffness through my body.
  2. Take medication as needed – when it comes to the winter, I tend to take my ibuprofen as needed for pain and spasms since it helps a ton.
  3. Try to do stretches in between activities- I try to do stretches in between activities so that my body isn’t staying in the same position for many hours.
  4. if you need to place a heating pad on your body – Heating pads during the winter heating pads have been a lifesaver especially when my hamstrings are tight so what I like to do is place the heating pad on my hamstrings to relax my hamstrings and help my stiffness.
  5. Try drinking hot beverages – Now this may sound weird but I noticed drinking hot chocolate helps me relax my body and gets rid of my stiffness and lack of my mobility. Ultimately winters with cerebral palsy could be difficult than most but I hope with these tips you’ll be to have a good one

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