4 reasons why you should celebrate special education day

I dedicate this article to Dr. Lisa Binsgo and Pamela Vanhorn, Betsy Martinez Thank you for making a difference ..

On December 2nd, National Special Education Day commemorates the anniversary of the nation’s first federal special education law. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was signed into law on December 2, 1972.

Throughout my years going to a mainstream school, special education was always a huge part of my schooling and part of the many reasons why I decided to become an advocate for those with disabilities.

  1. Special education students are everyday heroes – it’s no secret that special education students are everyday heroes that overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges that we should all embrace it.   
  2. Special education students and teachers all have a story to tell – throughout my years of being in special education I got to be impacted by some of the best teachers and friends just by hearing their stories and what inspires them to make a difference in the Community and the people they come across.
  3. Special education teachers and staff face a lot of obstacles and challenges but still managed to keep it all together – every day that special education teachers and students walk into a classroom they are bound to face a lot of challenges and obstacles but they still manage to make it to keep a smile and make it work.
  4. Special education teachers and students are unique individuals – special education students and teachers are all unique individuals that contribute to make special education life-changing and full of diversity and love therefore we should always celebrate special education, not just today but every day.

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